Tuesday, August 9, 2011


...in pictures! (Beware...overload of adorable pictures!)

One of her favorite toy boxes!

Being a goof and enjoying a good book!

And thinking the book is hilarious!

First baseball game with the family!

She may be the first baby to watch almost the entire Whitecaps game!

We may have a star on our hands...watch out people!

Such a funny girl sporting mama's shorts!

We were so blessed to add another cousin, Charlotte to our family!

Water from the hose is always better!

Hole-in-one is so exciting!!

Wind blowing through my hair...such a rough life!

Beautiful days at the beach with our waterbug sandbug!

Campfire with awesome friends!

Sprinklers are so much fun!!

Such an expressive little lady!

 Pool days with Auntie Ash!

Playing with my favorite toy in the house...the VENTS!

Enjoying spaghetti while trying to stay awake, pretty girl!

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