Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nine Months Already?

Time has gone much faster with Cora here for the past 9 months, then the entire pregnancy. I know I say it all the time and will continue to say it, but time is just flying by!
Cora is crawling, loves finger foods, is a babbling machine, climbing monster, and is trying so hard to walk. Really, walking's like yesterday WE were walking back and forth in our living room trying to console our colicky baby. Tissue, please?

With the weather hopefully getting nicer, we are really looking forward to spending a lot of time outside. We've taken advantage of some of the few beautiful days with walks, leaf nibbling, and dirty taste testing. It's what being a baby and nice weather is all about, although I hope she doesn't start growing a tree in her tummy :)

I look forward to each and everyday and seeing what new things Cora finds. She definitely is a thinker and I love watching her little mind wrap around how something works. This is a trait of Joel and she is so blessed to have been given that. Having a daddy with a Chemical Engineering degree, it might look like she may be following his footsteps (yes, I know she is only 9 months old but a momma can dream!).

And the good and truly thankful news, Joel accepted a new job with 5/3rd bank!! He will start as a Personal Retail Banker and will be an exceptional addition to their team. We are so proud of him!

God is good!

Monday, March 14, 2011


As much as I love reading everyone else's blog, I sure am a slacker when it comes to posting my own posts :)

I guess it doesn't help that we've been sick for the third time this winter! Cora and I keep passing the same cold back and forth, we really need this warmer weather that the forecasters keep predicting! I do have to say though, Cora may be sick but she still is her silly self! She loves giving herself kisses in the mirror, creating funny faces that we loves to laugh at, and screams just to make sure people know she IS the center of attention.

We may have some super exciting news too..although, I can't jump the gun just yet. And no...I'm not with child!! :)