Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Still Here

Wow! It's been a LOOOONG time since I've even thought to publish a post. I figured that since our last post was about Crystal Mountain and we leave this weekend for our annual trip to Crystal, I should probably type away.
Life has been busy and I think that's an understatement. So much has happened in the past 11 months, I'm not even sure where to begin. We have sold our house, almost completed building our new home, cora turned 2 and has the attitude to prove it, Joel has a new job, I still enjoy my job and we are having fun every minute in between (for the most part). We are currently living with the in-laws, hoping to move out in the next 3 weeks. It has been the best "home away from home" set up and cora loves the extra attention for "Gampa" and "Gama". I'm not sure what they are going to do when a busy 2 year old is no longer running around and making messes and saying "yuv you" (love you in her language). Joel and I are going to miss the laundry service (Thanks Mom!), homemade meals, and extra help with the Miss. Good thing we are only moving 20 minutes away!

Hopefully I will continue to blog, since looking back i actually miss writing about life in general. Life has changed so much and I can't wait's next!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We've been staying busy around the Heeren front. Cora is one go-go-go 15 month old and has been keeping us on our toes! She is getting into everything and tries to talk, although her only words so far are "nana, mama, dada" and lots and lots of babble. She is just a doll and we are having so much fun watching her learn all about the world around her.

A few weeks back, we stayed the weekend with the Heeren's at Crystal Mountain. It was gorgeous the whole weekend and Cora, along with everyone else, had a blast! Can't wait for next year!

 That same weekend, Cora decided to learn how to show her "excited" face. This is all of us demonstrating the look!
 Oh course, we had to get ice cream the first night at the resort!

Over Labor Day weekend we were so lucky and were able to spend the weekend with the Lancioni clan. Their Nona owns a cottage on Portage Lake so we enjoyed some good drinks, true Italian meals and even some time in the water!

This is a little late, but the Lancioni's celebrated a birthday and anniversary in one party this summer!! Cora met a new little friend and had so much fun playing together! We are so blessed to be apart of the Lancioni family and loved celebrating two lovely people!

 Smoothing sharing moment. These are the best!

Such a big girl eating her breakfast. She is growing up before our eyes...maybe should think about number two. KIDDING!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update... pictures! (Beware...overload of adorable pictures!)

One of her favorite toy boxes!

Being a goof and enjoying a good book!

And thinking the book is hilarious!

First baseball game with the family!

She may be the first baby to watch almost the entire Whitecaps game!

We may have a star on our out people!

Such a funny girl sporting mama's shorts!

We were so blessed to add another cousin, Charlotte to our family!

Water from the hose is always better!

Hole-in-one is so exciting!!

Wind blowing through my hair...such a rough life!

Beautiful days at the beach with our waterbug sandbug!

Campfire with awesome friends!

Sprinklers are so much fun!!

Such an expressive little lady!

 Pool days with Auntie Ash!

Playing with my favorite toy in the house...the VENTS!

Enjoying spaghetti while trying to stay awake, pretty girl!